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Welcome to Matco Megamart’s supermarket, the home of famous international ingredients and tasty produce from five continents of the globe.

We are proud to be Walsall’s premier international supermarket and we will continue to make sure you can takeaway brand quality food at a reduced price.

The Finest Cuts of Halal Meat

Cured and available in our supermarket, our specialist Halal trained butchers offer you a taste of the freshest and tastiest meats. See our butcher’s counter for more detail.

Fresh Fruit

International fruit is quickly becoming a must have addition to households up and down the Midlands. You can be sure we will always have a colourful range in store, from sweet and juicy Pomegranates to the popular Avocado. Give your fruit basket an upgrade with Matco Megamart’s great range of international fruit.

Continental Vegatables

Your home cooking has now been made easier thanks to our fantastic range of world vegetables. Recreate tasty dinners packed with vital vitamins by filling your shopping cart with our extensive choice of world vegetables.

Frozen Fillets of Fish

With fish prices on the rise and certain species becoming harder to get hold of, we’re determined to retail a frozen range of quality fish.

Tineed Food and Everyday Groceries

Some of our family-favourites come in a can and we stock the lot. From tasty tinned fruit to pickled goods, we retail a huge range of essential groceries to keep your cupboard full all year around.

Baked Goods

Take home with you today a selection of our freshly baked cakes and breads. We specialise in baked goods from the Americas to the Far East.

Our guarantee to you is to keep supplying what you demand.

  • Money saving mix and match offers on all international foods
  • Brand quality at wholesale prices
  • Beautifully cured Halal meats and Poultry from 5 different continents
  • Extra-large volumes for cost effective savings
  • Top brand specialist including Tomhazza produce
  • Free car parking facility with easy access to and from the supermarket